DALLAS, TX – The final call for speakers to the  historic Hispanic PR & Social Marketing Conference, (May 10-12 in Dallas, TX) has been extended for one more day until Friday, Jan. 15 at 4 p.m.


The conference will feature more than 16 sessions on a wide range of topics covering everything from how to generate coverage with the top Hispanic bloggers to best practices in Hispanic youth marketing to how to effectively manage corporate partnerships with Hispanic organizations.

Submissions to speak at the conference may include solo presentations or panels and should be described in detail.  Special consideration will be given to presentations that are case study driven.  A 20-member advisory board consisting of some of the industry’s top Hispanic PR leaders will look through the applications and select the presenters chosen to speak at the conference.

All presentation proposals should be emailed directly to hispanicprblog@gmail by this coming Friday along with:
– Proposed title of your professional development program
– Name and titles of speaker(s)
– Description of three to five key things attendees will learn
– Length of the presentation
– Biography of speaker(s)

All confirmed speakers will be notified in writing by Tuesday, January 19.  To learn more about the conference, register or become a sponsor visit www.HispanicPRConference.com.

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