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As Latinos continue to prove their love for watching horror films on the big screen and beyond. Al Bravo has made it his mission to champion diverse talent across all cinematographic disciplines. His latest project reflecting this vision, “2 Bedroom 1 Bath,” was produced by Al Bravo Studios and Chemical Mind Studios, and hit theaters in Los Angeles on Friday, September 5th.

A Hollywood independent producer, Al Bravo describes his approach as “American with a Latino touch.” Nowadays, engaging the Hispanic movie audience can make all the difference in determining box office success. Latinos also command the highest share of audience in the horror/thriller genre, linked to generations growing up listening to folk stories centered on topics like Santería and urban legends featuring tragic characters like La Llorona, among others.

With the certainty that Latinos bring a unique perspective to any film project, Bravo is determined to help elevate their visibility and broaden the diversity of their roles so they can continue to grow across the industry. In “2 Bedroom 1 Bath,” Al Bravo Studios once again explores the horror genre with a gut-wrenching film that is for-and-by Latinos and also appeals to a broader audience. The Latin talent behind the film includes Bravo as producer along with executive producers Dino Dos Santos and Dulcilene Chick Reed, and up-and-coming cinematographer Carmen Cabana, among other key crew members.

“1 Bedroom 1 Bath” is the tale of a young couple whose seemingly perfect dream home quickly turns into a horrifying nightmare. Starring Michelle Hicks (Mullholland Drive,  The Shield) and Andrew W. Walker (Steel Toes, Against the Wall), this psychological thriller comes from the new voice in horror, writer/director Stanley Yung, producer Al Bravo (The Chicago 8, The Wailer), and the independent studio that brought audiences the cult horror film The Wailer (La Llorona). Co-starring Eric Roberts (The Expendables, The Dark Knight), Costas Mandylor (Saw series) and Dee Wallace (The Howling, E.T.), this ghostly tale shows that there is no turning back once you unleash the evils of the past.


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