(María Carolina Alonso ). Fernando Osuna, CCO of Lopez Negrete, showed PRODU the commercial the Hispanic agency made for Verizon Wireless and its FiOS TV service.

“The Verizon FiOS spot came from an original idea for a tactical campaign that was basically out to compete with cable TV providers” Osuna said.

The creative team headed by Osuna thought up a way to show in a commercial how complicated it is to acquire a cable service, which starts with a reasonable promotion price – but as the client personalizes it with extra service packages, the price keeps going up. “We decided to show those extra services as packaged goods in a supermarket, where each package scanned ups the price the user has to pay” he said.

“It’s an easy way to make people understand what it means to keep paying more and more for different entertainment packages instead of having all the entertainment in a single package at an affordable price”.

The spot entitled Price Scan will air in the principal cities across the country where the Verizon service has a strong presence, like New York, Los Angeles, Washington, Boston and more.

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