Todobebe has launched a series of local community fairs for moms and families expecting and raising children 0 to 5 years old at Walmart. The fairs, called “Feria Todobebe en Walmart” are scheduled to be held in Miami, Houston, Dallas, Garland, San Antonio, Los Angeles and Orange County starting through November 13, 2011.

According to proprietary research from Todobebe, more than 90 percent of Hispanic moms with children under the age of five want more information on health, safety, food, child behavior and products.

The fairs will provide a lively and entertaining venue for Hispanic consumers to access information in Spanish on topics like pregnancy planning, prenatal and maternal health, breastfeeding, newborn health, car seat safety, exercise, obesity in children, oral health, access to healthcare, childhood development, food safety, prevention of birth defects and nutritional advice. The weekend events will be held in brightly decorated tents located in the front of the store of participating Walmart locations.

Attendees will have the opportunity to listen to or consult leading experts, sample a variety of products, meet Todobebe TV co-hosts and surprise celebrities, and participate in entertaining activities like baby crawling contests and yoga. Dedicated areas for pregnant moms to rest and for parents to change their babies’ diapers will further ensure a comfortable and rewarding experience.

The fairs will be promoted through an integrated advertising campaign via TV, radio, digital, social media and PR.

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