TISSINI has announced the launch of its new line of women’s jewelry, exclusively designed for the U.S. Hispanic women. TISSINI wants to “give Hispanic women the possibility to generate an additional income stream through a simple hassle-free method for selling fashion accessories. No pyramid schemes or multi-level programs.” TISSINI’s proposal is clear and simple. TISSINI’s customers have the opportunity to earn 50% of what they sell, period. This simple yet bold business model is primarily offered to women.

Why women? TISSINI’s slogan, “Crea tu Mundo” means “Create your World” and speaks directly to Latinas, who are driven women that strive to improve their own lives and particularly the lives of their families.

Hispanic women are becoming successful professionals, students, entrepreneurs and also mothers. The U.S. Hispanic population keeps growing and TISSINI believes that women need to be empowered so they can ensure a good future for themselves and their families. Latinas are hard workers with a high degree of integrity and TISSINI wants to make sure their customers feel that way. This is why TISSINI’s first product line is jewelry. TISSINI’s jewels tell a story; TISSINI’s women look confident, sophisticated and successful. They are proactive and take the lead in providing opportunities for their families. Latinas are working hard to build a better world. Bottom-line; “who doesn’t like to look good and make money while you are at it?” – says Lynn Gomez, one of TISSINI’S customers.

The goal of TISSINI is to become the preferred company for catalog sales of fashion accessories for Hispanic women. This might as well be a direct challenge in the U.S. to many well-established companies like Avon and Mary Kay who are multi-level and cater to the complexity and desires of women worldwide, not just Latinas.

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