While the launch of Facebook’s Social Inbox on Monday appeared to be a potentially important expansion for the social media giant, it left unanswered questions for marketers.

ClickZ reached out to the Palo Alto, CA-based company with queries about ID data, Facebook Connect/Instant Personalization data portability, and e-mail deliverability. Facebook seems to be adamant that the Social Inbox will not be a boon to marketers on its platform. And in three of the questions, it reiterated what has become a bit of a mantra when reacting to privacy-sensitive situations: Facebook does not share personally identifiable information.

Below is the e-mail exchange between Facebook’s team and ClickZ:

ClickZ: Will the Social Inbox add a new layer of data – from e-mail, direct messages, SMS, chat – to a person’s user ID?

Facebook: No. Facebook Messages was built to help people connect more easily, quickly and effectively with the people they care about. Facebook Messages are private, and Facebook is not using the content in Messages, including to target ads. You own and control your information on Facebook. Facebook does not sell or pass along your information to advertisers or [third] parties.

Read the entire article at ClickZ.

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