Special Report from Mediapost:

Facebook is reportedly testing a new feature, which can increase the visibility of public Pages on users’ news feeds. Dubbing it a “mention” feature, Forbes writes: “If two (or possibly more) of your friends write about or share an article featuring the same celebrity, for instance, both of your friends’ updates are collected into a single post on the news feed.” What’s more, the post tells you that both friends “mentioned” that celebrity, links to that celebrity’s Page on Facebook, and shows your friends’ respective updates underneath.

Of particular note, according to Forbes, “This new feature is not limited to what your friends are talking about on the social network, but what the groups and people you ‘like’ are talking about as well.” Forbes goes on to suggest that ‘mention’ could help Facebook users find about popular topics among friends — a feature that could directly challenge Twitter’s trend-tracking abilities.

Read the whole story at Forbes.

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