And It’s Time for Marketers to Start Engaging Them Instead

Companies have spent millions gathering fans on their Facebook pages and being “liked” all across the web. But what started as a volume play — call it Facebook marketing 1.0 — is shifting. Increasingly, it’s not so much how many people are liking your brand, but who those people are and how many are engaging with you once you’ve got them.

According to Facebook strategist and CEO of Buddy Media Michael Lazerow, numbers are relative. “If you have 100,000 fans and only 1,000 are engaging with you over the week, that’s not as good as having 10,000 fans and having 1,000 engage with you,” said Mr. Lazerow, whose company works with some of the biggest brands on Facebook. Mr. Lazerow calls it the “engagement index,” a measure of effectiveness on Facebook beyond sheer numbers. It is, in a sense, a reality check on the real value of a fan and a reminder that not all fans are equal.

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