Article courtesy of Andy Checo

It is now common knowledge that the world is on Facebook and we as PR professionals, marketers and digital masters want to reach as much of that world as we can fit under our strategic umbrella. Here are five key components to consider for effective Facebook user engagement:

1. Provide visuals: The easiest? Photos. They are one of the most commented and sharable piece of content on Facebook.

2. Forget about what you are selling: For the most part, social media is not, and should not be product centric. It is about people sharing information they have a stake on. You need to keep in mind what type of content those who have expressed interest in you by liking your page are the most connected with. You want to start and keep offering that content. It is what they are seeking.

3. Amplify your outreach with paid media: Expand your fan based with paid media, but be very cautious. You must be very strategic on your paid media placements; otherwise you will end up with a bunch of random fans that will not relate to your content/messaging.

4. Proactively maintain the conversation: Don’t just reply or engage with your fans when they reach out to you. Provide with content that they can react to. Initiate the conversation.

5. Relate to your audience: Take off your business outfit and keep your communication on a casual tone. Facebook fans are looking for an informal tonality, so relax and keep a conversational tone.

How many companies do you think are doing this well? Very few, I think.  Most have become coupon pushers, which are important depending on the industry, but you must go beyond. Provide your thoughts.

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