LOS ANGELES, CA – Transitions Optical has partnered with Dr. Aliza for a new Salud Visual channel that provides U.S. Hispanics with eye health information from a user-friendly point of view on the celebrity doctor’s web site www.VidaySalud.com.

Transitions Optical has provided VidaySalud.com with years of medical data and research on eye health,  ensuring that the site’s editorial staff has access to the most current medical thinking as it develops accessible, consumer-friendly content on visual health.

“Our readers enjoy coming to VidaySalud.com because the information presented is both entertaining and educational. Our readers are part of a community that wants to be informed and wants to help their families be in good health,” said Dr. Aliza Lifshitz. “The Salud Visual channel will be regularly updated with new articles on a variety of topics related to visual health. We are also pleased to be able to feature a number of animated videos, developed by Transitions Optical, to communicate eye care concepts to our users.”

Eighty percent of what children learn during their first few years is visual. Knowing how important precious sight is to learning and reading, Transitions Optical donated over 150 Spanish and bilingual books to Milagro Charter School’s Library.

“At Transitions Optical, we strongly believe that healthy sight plays a vital role as part of a child’s learning and development process,” said Manuel Solis, multicultural manager, Transitions Optical. “Growing up, I had problems with my vision, and my parents always insisted on taking me every year to see the eye doctor. Their constant care translated into years of healthy sight for me and contributed to the passion I share with Transitions Optical to help parents better understand eye care and the role healthy vision plays as part of their child’s life.”

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