For Liqueur, Fashionable Approach to Reach Women

A NEW print advertisement featuring Eva Longoria, the model and actress who stars in “Desperate Housewives,” initially appears to be for an upscale perfume.

Nuvo, a pink sparkling liqueur with fruit nectar that is aimed at women, has gained a following among African-American and Hispanic men.

Under the words “Be glamorous,” Ms. Longoria, as captured by fashion photographer Randall Slavin, wears a shimmering pink dress, her chestnut hair cascading over one shoulder. A tear-shaped bottle of pink liquid rests on a table in the foreground, as if Ms. Longoria might at any moment reach for it and spritz her flawless neck.

But while perfumes often promise to be intoxicating, what is in this bottle truly is: it is Nuvo, a brand of sparkling liqueur that blends French vodka, white wine and fruit nectar.

Read the entire article at The New York Times.

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