MIAMI, FL – The entire audio recording of last week’s “Best Practices in Hispanic Social Networking” roundtable is now available for free download by clicking this link during the next 30 days.  The September 17 Miami roundtable was co-hosted  by the Association of Hispanic PRN logoAdvertising Agencies (AHAA), the Hispanic PR Blog and PR Newswire.  AHAA Logo

The roundtable, which was moderated by Manny Ruiz, PR Newswire’s President of Multicultural Services and co-Publisher of The Hispanic PR Blog, featured:

Jorge Ortega, President, The Jeffrey Group

Carlos Cardona, Chief Social Media Strategist, Newlink Communications

Natalie Boden, President, BodenPR

Esther Novak, CEO, VanguardComm

Please note that you will be required to register free to access the downloable file.  With a broadband connection you should be able to download this two hour, 600+ mb,  iTunes-optimized file in about 12 minutes.  To view the Hispanic PR Blog’s transcript tweets from the roundtable click here.

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