For a long time, YouTube seemed like it was a man’s world, but no longer. A recent Nielsen study shows women passing men in their use of online video, and many brands are starting to get serious about using this platform to engage moms.

Last month, YouTube created a web page just to tout its own statistics and they are impressive. YouTube gets over 100 million views a day; 36 hours of video are uploaded every minute and YouTube mobile gets over 100 million views a day. But most importantly to brands is how social YouTube is. Over half of all videos have been rated or include viewer comments. That’s a big number when you think about the quality and small intended viewership of a large percentage of the videos uploaded. Viewers are increasingly auto-sharing on their other social sites and embedding video on their blogs. Like the top social sites, YouTube’s friend-finding tools make sharing content with your offline, as well as your online, community easy.

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