When planning their Hispanic digital strategy, many companies tend to use a three-phased approach:

  1. Create a basic Spanish version of the website.
  2. Full blast Spanish site in terms of content and functionality.
  3. Develop specific Hispanic digital platforms.

The problem is that, as with many phased plans, if you don’t see immediate results, chances are phase three will never come to happen. And that’s truer of Hispanic online than any other marketing program.

Language cannot be the driver of your digital strategy nor can it be content by itself. Brands must understand Latino’s realities and provide experiences that go beyond a “Spanish version.”

Read the entire article at ClickZ.

One thought on “Engaging Latinos – The Role Your Digital Strategy Should Play”
  1. Forget language? Hmm.
    What about when the only way my company allows me to talk to first generation (parents of students) Hispanics is through our website, but my target doesn’t speak English?
    Forget language? I don’t think so.
    If I forget language I will end up forgetting people.
    Good article, though. Cultural relevance is as important as which language we use to establish conversations with our people. And finally, look at Portada’s most recent post based on the “the five likely Census 2010 headlines based on demographic trends.” For example: “Spanish will continue to be the dominant language spoken among Hispanics.” Why? “In 2009, a significant percent of the market communicated only or mostly in Spanish (37%), a 68% change from the 2000 Census.” And on page E of this report, “Less urgency to be fluent in English.” And continues: “The truth is that the micro communities or barrios emerging in urban areas create a safety zone for a Spanish only or mostly environment. ”



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