Daniela Droz e Insurance Pro

Brand New Partnerships with Tony Vega and Daniela Droz, two Puerto Rican Known Personalities and Influencers

During the Hispanic Heritage Month celebration–that is almost finishing, the insurance agency established two partnerships with Tony Vega and Daniela Droz.

“Music plays an important role in personal expression and identity, and with an increase in Latino artists and music in the United States, Latin music, including Salsa, has given Latinos a sense of pride in their heritage and identity,” said Juan Carlos “JC” Doitteau, President, Insurance Pro.

By launching the IPro Agent Portal, we are improving client relationships. By partnering with Latin music personalities Tony Vega and Daniela Droz, we are honoring our culture because for many Latinos, listening to Latin music is a way to embrace their heritage and identity.”

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