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“EL TUITERO” will engage Hispanic consumers in the U.S. using a dynamic social media platform

ESPN Deportes introduces “EL TUITERO,” the network’s dedicated “Twitter ambassador” for the XVI Pan American Games.

TUITERO will engage viewers and fans live from Guadalajara. Fans around the globe can tweet their cheer, message or greeting in Spanish or English to athletes or teams competing in the Pan American Games by using any of the following hash tags  #Tuitero, #YoSoyPanamericano, #Panamericanos, #Guadalajara2011.

The TUITERO encourages all fans to support their country or teams and athletes by ‘tweeting’ a message that will be displayed in the different sporting venues and around the Guadalajara Cathedral Square and even during the ESPN Deportes exclusive broadcast of the Pan American Games. This initiative engages fans via social media space and generates awareness of the coverage of the Games available across ESPN Deportes’ platforms.

TUITERO will receive tweets on his phone and will select the most unique messages to convey on a white ESPN Deportes board that will be displayed enthusiastically for fans and cameras to capture. As ESPN ambassador for the Pan Am Games, the TUITERO’s job is to share messages, or tweets, from U.S. fans with the athletes competing in Mexico. EL TUITERO will join the ESPN Deportes crews at the various venues and engage with fans during the two weeks of the 2011 Pan American Games.

Viewers have a chance to see their tweets between live airings of the Pan American Games, as well as on the network’s multiple social media platforms.

To ensure he is fit to run from venue to venue, EL TUITERO has the necessary athletic a TUITERO agility to stay close to the action. His special TUITERO outfit and bright blue body paint guarantee his presence will not go unnoticed as he roams the streets of the State of Jalisco.

TUITERO’s first appearance will take place at ESPN Deportes’ special viewing party in New York City of the Opening Ceremonies of the Pan American Games live from Guadalajara.

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