A new series produced by the creative minds at La Comunidad-Summer follow the antics, pranks and unconventional life of a giant Mexican hamster named ‘Spooky’ & his roommate/owner Yogu…

Tr3s: MTV, Musica y Mas has introduced a new original sitcom “El Spooky Show” centered around two very diverse and quirky characters: a mischievous, life-size Mexican hamster named Spooky, and his very patient roommate/owner Yogu. Living in a tiny dorm room apartment, the show captures the antics and pranks of this larger than life character. The 12-episode shorts will premier exclusively online with two new webisodes debuting each week, starting November 11th on www.tr3s.com.

The giant Mexican hamster “Spooky” first made his debut during MTV International’s global 2010 World Cup campaign. Generating a wave of spontaneous online activity and thousands of fans across the globe, ‘Spooky’ is now taking center stage with his very own show online. “El Spooky Show” was created by La Comunidad-Summer, a division of La Comunidad, dedicated to building brands through experiences and led by executive creative directors Leo Prat and Ricky Vior. Prat and Vior also wrote and directed the series, with production by Error #170 Productora Audiovisual.

“Advertising & content continue to evolve and merge to serve as one medium in our industry, and Spooky perfectly exemplifies the transformation of this evolution. Born out of a massive international World Cup campaign in 2010, the life of Spooky is now digitally personified in a series of online shorts,” said Sean Saylor, VP of Creative for Tr3s. “It’s an effective model and format that really connects to our young Latino audiences.”

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