Erica Gonzalez becomes new Executive Editor and Carmen Villavicencio Managing Editor of El Diario-La Prensa

Gonzalez first joined El Diario in 2006 as Opinion Page Editor, and developed a multi-faceted role that consisted of writing the paper’s hard-hitting editorial positions that covered immigration reform and electoral campaigns to being responsible for regular and guest columnists. Gonzalez has represented El Diario on CNN, New York 1, Grit TV to name a few. Most recently, she managed a successful launch and development of El Diario’s “Nuestros Barrios/Our Neighborhoods” a special editorial series that was featured by an e-news roundup entitled Your Morning Café.

Gonzalez’ background includes reporting for the New York Post, serving as editor of and working as director of communications for the New York City Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs. She holds multiple degrees from Syracuse and Columbia University.

Carmen Villavicencio has been named Managing Editor. Working under the guidance and direction of Editor-in-Chief Erica Gonzalez, Villavicencio will assume responsibility for much of the daily management of El Diario’s editorial operations, acting as Managing Editor. In her new role she will be responsible for El Diario’s content and newsroom coverage.

Villavicencio served as El Diario’s News Editor prior to her appointment. In that capacity she served as the department leader and coordinated news coverage with editors, reporters and correspondents. In addition, she was responsible for directing and monitoring the flow of news through different outlets; maintaining a multimedia approach to news on the web and in print. Villavicencio’s professional resume includes having worked for  Hispanic publications such as Hora Hispana, Noticias del Mundo and Diario el Universo.

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