Edward James Olmos has renewed for a fifth year as spokesperson for Farmers Insurance as the insurance giant prepares to launch its latest national Hispanic TV advertising campaign this coming Monday, August 16.  The commercials were produced by its Hispanic Agency of Record, Accentmarketing.

The new ads are the next installment of the insurer’s “Right Fit” campaign, launched in 2009. They feature a “force field” which represents the customizable Farmers coverages customers can choose to meet their individual needs.

First to launch is “Neighbors”, which uses a dramatization to highlight the difference between having customized coverage that “fits” correctly and inadequate or inappropriate coverage. In the spot, two neighbors boast about their insurance coverage, as represented by their “force fields”. While one has the “right fit” coverage secured with the help of a Farmers agent, the other is not so lucky. Both neighbors have to duck for cover as a tree strikes the not-so-fortunate neighbors’ home, right where his “inadequate” coverage is.

In “Zoom Out” Farmers showcases its multiline product offerings of auto, home, life and business insurance and their customizable coverages available through a variety of different life stages. Beginning in a flower shop, we “zoom out” to see the Farmers “force field” around the business. Then we enter and exit a car, again “zooming out” to reveal the Farmers “force field” and finally we enter and exit a growing family’s home and we see that it, too, counts on Farmers’ customized coverage.

“As more companies draw on Spanish-language media to reach Hispanic consumers, Farmers is taking an entertaining and innovative approach to connecting with this core audience,” said Luisa Acosta-Franco, Vice President of Multicultural Marketing for Farmers. “Our agents work very hard to ensure that customers have the best possible coverage for their life circumstances, and we want prospective customers to know that, as well.”

Continuing in his role as Farmers Insurance Hispanic spokesperson for the fifth year is actor and humanitarian, Edward James Olmos. In the new commercials Mr. Olmos shares with viewers that Farmers agents go through some of the best training in the industry, so they can rest assured that by working with a Farmers agent they can obtain the coverages that fit their lifestyles.

“It was important for us to make an emotional connection with our audience and we did that by showcasing the diversity of Latino life in this country,” said Diana Ocasio, Executive Vice President and Creative Director for Accentmarketing. “We also wanted people to have that ‘aha!’ moment that makes them think – If they don’t adapt their coverage to themselves, they’ll have to adapt to surprises. These new spots are unique and we feel they will be very impactful within the category.”