MIAMI – EDF Communications, a Miami-based communications and public affairs consulting firm, has made a strategic alliance with Llorente & Cuenca, a leading communications consulting firm in Spain and Latin America, with two principal objectives: improving the Spanish firm’s response capacity and services to U.S. clients interested in doing business in Latin America and supporting potential clients in their dealings with the Spanish speaking market in the U.S.

new partnership will further broaden the spectrum of services both companies offer in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.
New partnership will further broaden the spectrum of services both companies offer in Latin America and the U.S. Hispanic market.

As a result of this alliance, EDF Communications will serve as an affiliate of the Llorente & Cuenca network and will work in coordination with the firm’s leadership in Latin America for joint business development. This partnership will provide U.S. clients more efficient and better coordinated communications activities in the Latin American region through the Llorente & Cuenca network, which counts on a broad range of offices in Barcelona (Spain); Bogota (Colombia); Buenos Aires (Argentina); Lima (Peru); Madrid (Spain); Mexico City (Mexico), Panama City (Panama); Quito (Ecuador); and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), as well as affiliated companies in Portugal, Chile, Venezuela, Bolivia, Uruguay, Brazil and now in the United States.

Erich de la Fuente, president and founder of EDF Communications, notes that, “It is a great opportunity for us to be able to work with Llorente & Cuenca. We hope to add our experience and knowledge of the markets to theirs in order to offer integral services in the communications and public affairs field to clients who operate in Latin America, Spain and the U.S. Hispanic market.”

José Antonio Llorente, founding partner and CEO of Llorente & Cuenca, notes, “The agreement reached with EDF Communications confirms our intentions to continue expanding our presence in the American continent. We have now solidified our goal of reaching North America. About a year ago, we opened offices in Mexico and now through EDF, we can improve our services to our U.S. clients and also reach the Spanish speaking market in the U.S.”

During the last three years the firm has doubled its business volume due mostly to its work in Spain as well as in Latin America, with national and international clients which are leaders in their respective markets and also due to its work with large corporate and financial entities within the last decade.

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