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Dr. Alejandro Badia is a well know orthopedic surgeon based on Miami/Doral, FL, but he travels the world as a renowned speaker on the newest orthopedic techniques and sports medicine.

In 2022, while other businesses were winding down, he quietly opened a second location in NYC. The fact that his patient base is both international and domestic, many of his patients reside in New York and New Jersey.

As explained on NEW YORK LIFESTYLES magazine earlier this year:

“If ever there was a place that required immediate care, it’s New York. The city moves at a breakneck pace, and we want to offer New Yorkers the rapid care they deserve,” says Badia. “Our goal is to offer New Yorkers a better option than hours in a hospital or ER waiting room alongside someone with the flu, suffering a heart attack or worse.” Beyond that, Badia adds, “It’s also about treating patients more efficiently, putting the focus on specific care to get ahead of patients who are ‘doctor or pill shoppers.”

Dr. Alejandro Badia

Dr. Badia also inaugurated OrthoNOW®, the first immediate orthopedic urgent care center in south Florida, which is staffed by surgeons from the Doral Orthopedic Clinic (DOC); a group of surgeons from lower extremity, upper limb and spine subspecialties, who also treat elective orthopedic problems in international patients.

Dr. Badia is also author of the book “Healthcare From The Trenches” which can be purchased on Amazon.com (click here).

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