By Rob Gorrie
Founder/president of AdCentricity

The 2010 Census is nearly complete, and all marketers are on the edge of their seat waiting to see how the pie will break out. But while we wait, we should be doing much more than sitting – we should be preparing, since we already know what the upcoming Census will simply confirm – that ethnic groups have continued to increase as a percentage of the population and as a viable target market.

In particular, Hispanics, which make up over 15% of the American population with a total of 46 million living in the U.S. today, offer tremendous marketing opportunities. In 2008, the Latino community wielded a buying power of more than $980 billion, a number that is projected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2013.

However, sheer size is not this group’s only asset. Latinos have been showing increasing technology adoption rates and high mobile saturation, making digital media ideal for reaching and engaging them. Yet, few marketers truly utilized digital media when reaching out to the Hispanic community.

While some multicultural marketers are using websites such as and for reaching Hispanics online, most marketers stop at a handful of TV networks, radio stations and magazines, resulting in many lost opportunities. The fact remains that Hispanic consumers are increasingly on the go and are consuming media in new and often dynamic ways throughout their day.

Reaching busy Latinos on the go
One of the forms of media that is effectively reaching on-the-go Hispanics is digital out-of-home (DOOH). DOOH is made up of LCD screens placed in premium and highly targetable consumer viewing locations ranging from doctor’s offices to taxi cabs, pharmacies, restaurants, gas pumps and more. The screens, which are controlled by a networked software system, offer real-time, closed-loop distribution of relevant, customized content with advertising spots interspersed between the content segments.

One of the main benefits of digital out-of-home is its precise targeting. DOOH campaigns can be planned down to a specific screen with specific content in a specific zip code. The ability to hyper-target is amplified even further when paired with overlay data from organizations such as the U.S. Census, Simmons or Scarborough. Thus allowing marketers to drive localized campaigns while sitting in the national driver’s seat. And the results are strong.

A recent Samsung DOOH campaign generated a 49% increase in unaided brand awareness. In addition, a current study showed an increase of 70% in same store lift for potato chips when DOOH advertising was added to the marketing mix. Recent results from a national financial services institution campaign, specifically targeting Hispanic consumers utilizing DOOH resulting in 66% of the audience being Hispanic. Hispanic consumers are among the highest indexing profile of those who notice DOOH, according to Arbitron. The “digital” nature of digital out-of-home media can lend itself to an array of options in delivering the right message to the right consumer at the right time.

Consider a Hispanic-targeted campaign for the Texas State Lottery, promoted in grocery stores, gas stations and convenience stores. The campaign is optimized to reach zip codes within the top 10% of Hispanic markets. A baseline content program features a 15-second ad promoting jackpot size, ticket sales and draw dates – Wednesday and Saturday. When the jackpot reaches $10 million or more, a second spot is activated up until the draw date, promoting the new jackpot number.

An ad such as this could be targeted even further by customizing the content by venue category. For instance, in a grocery environment, the ad could read: “Imagine your grocery list after winning $13,000,000. Pick up your Texas Lotto ticket at the check-out.” Now imagine how it could be targeted to a gas station network: “Nice car…what would you be driving if you won this Saturday’s Texas Lotto for $13,000,000? Pick up your ticket at the counter inside.”

If you’re looking for a great way to reach and engage Hispanic consumers, look into digital out-of-home media. Hispanic consumers are on the go, and their behavior, adaptation to technology and media consumption patterns show that there is a gold mine of opportunity in DOOH media awaiting multicultural marketers. Take advantage of this opportunity today and you will capture the loyalty of Hispanic consumers for the long-term.

Story courtesy: MediaPost’s Engage:Hispanics

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