The new Hispanic resource web site, was launched last week , utilizing technology to reach the millions of Hispanics residing in the U.S., and providing ample resources to help them with the challenges they face daily.  Prior to there have been very limited cohesive and supportive online networks for this growing community.

Founded by Alberto Jose Galdamez, who immigrated to the U.S. illegally in 1999 (now a U.S. citizen), will  feature  information on personal topics such as health and finance, community topics such as immigration and laws, a Q&A section, community blog and more.

Not only will the web site provide resources that can be very difficult to find otherwise, Galdamez looks forward to providing guidance to those in need,  encouraging the community to tap his experience  by asking questions on any topic.  Another feature of the site, which Galdamez feels may be the most valuable, is the community blog.

“I am just one man with a small team ready and willing to help, but that is not nearly as powerful as having millions of people, all in similar situations joined together to help each other – and I think a well positioned blog will provide that tool,” explained Galdamez.  “Each immigrant has a unique set of experiences and the community blog provides a forum to bring them under one umbrella to benefit everyone.”

Galdamez immigrated to the United States illegally in 1999 hoping for political asylum from El Salvador.  Alberto spent years struggling with a new language, stereotypes, discrimination and legal issues.  As many immigrants have, he came to the U.S. simply to provide a better life for his family and ended up chasing and catching the American dream.  He is currently a vice president for the company he is employed by, owns a house, has one college degree and is working on another, and in 2008 received his citizenship.  Now he wants to give back and help the numerous others in the Hispanic community that are where he was in 1999.

“I know what it feels like to be lonely, afraid of being deported, and feeling there was nowhere I could trust to turn to for help,” said Galdamez.  “I have learned a lot in my 11 year journey and I want to share the skills and knowledge I have now so that others can more easily find success too.” was founded by Don Alberto, president of AKRA LLC.  He is a United States citizen formerly from El Salvador.  He and his team are dedicated to helping all Hispanic immigrants, from new arrivals to second and third generations achieve success in the U.S.  He and his team have years of first hand knowledge and experience in being new to the U.S. and are looking forward to sharing that with the millions of people who are in the same situation.  Don Alberto, bringing together the Hispanic community to help improve and empower their lives.

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