DishLATINO has assigned additional strategic and creative duties in the U.S. Hispanic market and Puerto Rico to MARCA.

DishLATINO is the Spanish and English language programming service offered by DISH Network to Hispanics in the U.S. It was created in 1999 and is one of the largest Hispanic advertisers in the country, according to a recent Nielsen ranking.

MARCA, a leading national advertising and marketing communications agency focused on cross-cultural markets in the United States and Latin America, was initially hired in late 2011 to focus on retention marketing efforts at DishLATINO. The agency will now expand its scope to include multimedia branding and acquisition and is adding Puerto Rico to its market focus.

“We are focused on full lifecycle management of consumers and strengthening our capabilities in every way to meet their needs. MARCA has proven itself as a results-driven partner and we are happy to expand our relationship with them,” said Alfredo Rodriguez, Vice President of Marketing for DishLATINO. “Getting more business from existing clients is tremendously satisfying. It validates good work,” added Tony Nieves, President of MARCA.


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