– Discovery en Español achieved highest fourth quarter ever growing its P18-49 delivery 25%; and historical annual ratings with a growth of +18% YOY
– Discovery Familia achieved highest fourth quarter ever among women 18-49 growing 125%; and was the #1 Hispanic network among kids 2-5 throughout 2012

Discovery U.S. Hispanic today announced quarterly and annual viewership results for Discovery en Español and Discovery Familia. According to Nielsen, the network achieved its highest quarter ever in 4Q2012 growing its P18-49 delivery 25%, and reached a historical annual ratings performance, growing +18% over 2011[i]. With that, Discovery en Español continues its leadership role as the 2nd highest rated Hispanic pay –TV channel across all major demo groups. In addition, Discovery Familia grew 125% during the fourth quarter among Hispanic women 18-49[ii] and was positioned as the leading Hispanic network among kids 2 to 5 throughout 2012[iii].

“The continued growth we are seeing in our viewership numbers is a clear testament to the quality of our programming, which is generating a true relationship with our audience,” said Ivan Bargueiras, General Manager, Discovery U.S. Hispanic. “Our performance numbers highlight the shows that are most closely identified with our brand, offering the high-quality content and entertaining, informative and educational format for which we are known,” he added.

In 2012, Discovery en Español was the #1 Hispanic Pay-TV channel among persons 18-49 during late prime time 9pm to 12am and the second most watched Hispanic Pay-TV net during prime time 7-11pm.[iv] The channel showed sustained growth throughout the year and has been posting monthly growth on a Year-Over-Year basis for 11 months, from February to December 2012. Among its primary target of persons 18-49, the channel delivered its best first quarter on record during primetime (7-11 pm) [v], and a 15% year-on-year audience growth during the second quarter[vi]. The network continued positioning itself as the leading Hispanic Pay-TV channel in the 10pm and 11pm prime time hours during the third quarter[vii], and achieved its highest quarter ever during 4Q2012 vs 4Q2011with +25% growth[viii].[vi]. Among the top shows and series Sirenas (Mermaids), Crimenes millonarios (Behind Mansion Walls), Frozen Planet, and a number of original productions including Deportados (original production) and Los hipopotamos del capo (Cocaine Hippos).

Also throughout the year, Discovery Familia positioned itself as the #1 Hispanic Pay-Tv channel for kids 2 to 5 with top shows such as Mister Maker sobre ruedas (Mister Maker Comes To Town) and Rob, el Robot (Rob, the robot). The network also showed a solid growth among Hispanic women with a growth of 125% during the last fourth quarter versus previous fourth quarter with top shows such as No sabia que estaba embarazada (I did not know I was pregnant), La moda por menos (The Look for Less) and Cirugia cosmetica (Plastic surgery before and after).

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