Rosie Cepero was born with a very special gift: she sees, hears and converses with angels.  A wife and mother of three, Rosie communicates with these heavenly hosts and shares their words of hope and protection in the new Discovery Familia series “Medium de Angeles,” premiering May 19 and airing Tuesdays at 9PM E/P.

“Medium de Angeles offers a glimpse into the spiritual world through the stories of people from around the country who flock to Rosie’s farm.  Some seek confirmation of inexplicable events, while others recount miraculous rescues from certain death.  Their experiences are unique, but all are searching for answers from the angels who confide in Rosie.  Sometimes their messages are for her, but more often they are the guardians of others seeking a link to their loved ones.

Since age three, Rosie has served as a vessel for celestial communications.  She considers her gift a blessing and believes she has a responsibility to share the messages she receives, no matter the circumstances. Outgoing, kind and generous, Rosie lives on a farm in upstate New York with her Cuban husband, George, and their three sons, Frankie, Georgie and Joey.

The stories featured in the first season of “Medium de Angeles” include those of Mary Ellen, who wants to confirm that it was in fact her guardian angel who saved her from a near-death experience; and Tony and Steve, brothers who go into their first meeting with Rosie as skeptics but come out true believers.

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