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Discovery FamiliaDiscovery Familia released the results of its informative Mom Study at the “Esa Soy Yo – Soy Latina” awards ceremony held Thursday, September 15 on Capitol Hill. This extensive study was conducted in partnership with C+R Research and Latino Eyes in order to develop clearer insights into the evolving needs and expectations of the Hispanic Mom from healthcare, purchasing habits to education.

Latinas in the United States comprise over 48% of the Hispanic population and 20% of the projected 24 million women in the nation. This study surveyed over 1,000 moms, who self-identified as Hispanic, between 18 to 49 years of age with children age two to 18. Data collected from the research will allow Discovery Familia to continue to shape a network devoted to her and touch on important issues that are priorities to Hispanic women and their children.

Through its rich and varied programming, Discovery Familia serves as a resource for Hispanic mothers and their preschool children. The network’s goal is to support Hispanic women in educating their children, caring for their household and taking time out for themselves. The network also aims to educate others about Hispanic women, their attitudes, behaviors and insights.

Some of the Study Highlights:

On Empowerment: Seeing her own personal achievement is not exclusive from being a great mother for the Hispanic mom. 82% say that one of their greatest goals is to be a successful career person.  76% want to graduate from college and 79% look to be an inspiration for her children. When she speaks about herself, the Hispanic mom says: “I am confident. I have a positive self-image. I have control of my life.”

On Health: Hispanic women have misconceptions about health and diet according to the study. Obesity prevalence among pre-school aged children ranks high among Hispanic children at 18.5%. Almost half of Hispanic moms perceive their children to be at a healthy weight, while in fact when calculating their Body Mass Index they are actually overweight. While these moms are familiar with the food pyramid, less than 1 in 2 believes she has enough information on health and nutrition to help her make good choices about food and diet.

On Media: Hispanic women believe that Spanish TV has not been evolving with her. There are too many novelas. The Hispanic mom would like to see more shows related to: Parenting (50%), Health and Nutrition (46%), Fitness (43%) and Do It Yourself (40%).

On America: 75% feel the U.S. has the best opportunities for her children and family. However, 44.6% feel that there is more racial tension now than five years ago and 54.6% are concerned about their husband or themselves losing their jobs.

On Culture: In addition to her desire for her children to get the best possible education, she is also planting cultural roots within her children with Spanish language books, radio and TV. 79% want their kids to be proud of being Hispanic and 74% feel it is important to be fluent in Spanish and maintain the Spanish language as a part of their culture.

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