Discovery U.S. Hispanic announced today that its original production Caras del Odio is the winner of the 2013 NAMIC Vision Awards, in the Foreign Language category.

“This award recognizes our effort to continue to offer high-quality content through interesting stories and characters that resonate with U.S. Hispanics,” said Michela Giorelli, VP of Production and Development, Discovery Networks Latin America/U.S. Hispanic.

The documentary Caras del Odio investigates the intolerance level with immigrants in some sectors and communities across the United States, through two emblematic cases: the death of Mexican immigrant Luis Ramírez after a fight with a group of high school teenagers from Pennsylvania in 2008; and the case of Juan Varela, a United States citizen and fifth-generation Hispanic, murdered in 2010 by his neighbor after an argument over Arizona Law against illegal immigration. The production describes the circumstances surrounding both incidents as well as the legal aspects of the trials determining the guilty verdict of the perpetrators. It includes interviews and statements from family members, eyewitnesses and law officials, who all contribute their different points of views and opinions to both sides of the conflict.

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