MIAMI, FL –  “El Corrido,” a musical genre characteristic of the North of Mexico, has become a phenomenon with hundreds of thousands of followers throughout the United States. In fact, according to industry sources, Corridos account for 80% of U.S. Spanish music sales. “La Ley del Corrido,” premiering on Sunday, November 1st at 9 PM ET/PT,  takes an objective look at the fascinating world of this genre, transporting viewers behind the headlines in true Discovery en Espanol style, to explore its history, origins and the crimes associated with this type of music.

Conquering the U.S. and following in the footsteps of established bands seems to be the desire of many up-and-coming Corrido bands. But what does it take to really make it?   Discovery en Espanol took its cameras into the trenches, delving into the daily routines of the musical group Los Canelos de Durango, a band who heralds from Sinaloa, the epicenter of one of the most powerful drug cartels in Mexico, for an insider’s look at the lives and customs of today’s Corridistas.  Through an in-depth immersion, viewers are brought into the real world of Corridos for an unvarnished account beyond the stage.

The documentary includes accounts by other famous musicians like “Los Tigres del Norte” y “Los Tucanes de Tijuana,” producers, family members of legendary musicians, and experts from respected historians, to law enforcement, to journalists.  Their testimonials offer a close and personal look at why this musical genre has now become known as the “narcocorrido” and why belonging to this multimillion dollar business can be dangerous.

Success, murder, censorship, all combine into a unique special that reveals the other side to this popular musical culture.

Some of the featured testimonials included in the documentary:

—  “A Corrido is like a 3 minute movie, stories of the brave, stories from the news. Anything that appears in the papers, I can turn into a
Corrido.”  Mario Quinteros, Los Tucanes de Tijuana.

—  “We now sing about this because the topic of drugs and the individuals who dedicate themselves to all of this are current to our history.”
Jorge Hernandez, Los Tigres del Norte.

—  “Many of the situations that the groups experience are because of the environment that they live in, where people deal in arms and drugs. In
fact, this genre is known as the favorite of Mexican drug traffickers.”  Guadalupe Martinez, Mexican journalist.

—  “What they’re looking for is to live in the collective memory of the people. In the end they know that at some time it will end. Those who
enter this business, the only thing they have assured, as  Los Tigres de Norte say in ‘Jefes de Jefes,’ is the hospital, jail or the tomb.”
Luis Omar Montoya Arias, historian.

“La Ley del Corrido” is a production of Discovery en Espanol under the direction of Michela Giorelli, Director of Production and Irune Ariztoy, Producer, with the support of Anima Films under the Executive Direction of Sebastian Gamba.

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