Colombia has recently become the newest route for migrants traveling illegally to the United States. The country serves as a transit point for many who undertake this perilous journey, generating lucrative profits for human trafficking rings and creating an authentic nightmare for authorities. Discovery en Español exposes the various angles of this situation in the 1hr documentary COLOMBIA: LA NUEVA FRONTERA, an original production premiering Sunday, June 7 at 10PM E/P as part of the Discovery a Fondo (#Afondo) programming block. Thousands are using a new route to the United States, which starts in Ecuador and uses Colombia as a departing point for Central America. From there, migrants continue on to Mexico to cross illegally over the U.S. border. People from all over the world use this route, but the majority come from Cuba, Bangladesh and Nepal. In 2014 alone, the Colombian authorities estimate, more than 1,700 undocumented migrants were detained along this route on their way to the United States. The situation is becoming more critical every day thanks to loosened immigration laws passed in some countries in the region, such as Ecuador.   COLOMBIA: LA NUEVA FRONTERA provides an inside look at the different aspects of this complex issue, showcasing and following number of migrants as they make their dangerous journey. The program also exposes the workings of international human trafficking networks and counter-operations by immigration patrols and the Colombian Navy.   This is a coproduction by Discovery en Español and Caracol Televisión under the supervision of Irune Ariztoy, Executive Producer; and Michela Giorelli, Discovery’s Vice President of Production and Development; with the assistance of Pacha Films, under the direction of Luis del Valle.

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