Less than a year away from one of the world’s most anticipated sports events, Discovery en Espanol treats its audience to two original series that feature soccer through the Discovery lens: FUTBOL 360: JUGADAS MAESTRAS and ACCESO EXCLUSIVO: PACHUCA. Both series premiere Thursday, October 24 at 11PM E/ 8PM P and 11:30PM E/ 8:30PM P, respectively.

All eight episodes of FUTBOL 360: JUGADAS MAESTRAS, airing Thursdays at 11PM E/8PM P, feature accomplished Latin American soccer players, including Bruno Marioni, Juan Pablo Rodriguez, Pablo De Blasis and Christian Gimenez. Together with a team of biomechanics experts, they take part in an interactive study designed especially for Discovery en Espanol to reconstruct some of the game’s most spectacular and surprising plays. Free kicks, tricks, penalty kicks, movement without the ball, bicycle kicks, dribbling, headers and spectacular goalie saves are just some of the plays featured in the first season of the series.

In each episode, a professional soccer player is matched up with an athlete from a different sport followed by an amateur soccer player in a variety of measurable strength challenges, all filmed in high definition and with high-speed cameras. Each test is conducted on an obstacle course outfitted with monitoring and data gathering equipment that is designed to demonstrate the abilities that distinguish soccer players from other athletes. Visually spectacular and with cutting-edge scientific technology, FUTBOL 360: JUGADAS MAESTRAS takes a new, surprising approach to the world’s most popular sport in the best Discovery en Espanol style.

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