From the visionary mind of Discovery’s founder John Hendricks comes CURIOSITY, a new series that brings the ‘I wonder?’ moment to television with a unique blend of eclectic and provocative subjects. Airing weekly each Sunday night beginning November 6 on Discovery en Espanol, CURIOSITY fearlessly dives into a world of questions posed by well-known personalities including renowned physicist, cosmologist Stephen Hawking exploring at the age old question of God’s existence, Lost and Avatar star Michelle Rodriguez asking how we might survive an alien attack, and award-winning actor Samuel L. Jackson examining the five most probable ways life on Earth could end, and so much more.

In each episode, CURIOSITY captures that fundamental sense of wonder present in all of us, taking viewers on an intellectual roller coaster ride, exploring thought-provoking subjects.

  • “What Destroyed Atlantis?” – Although many believe Atlantis to be just a story, others believe it to be true. The legendary city of Atlantis was described by Plato about 2,600 years ago. Was it real and if so, where is it now? As with any mystery, there are plenty of theories about what happened to the lost city. Now, new evidence suggests that Atlantis is more than a myth and the island, so long shrouded in mystery, may have left clues to its destruction.
  • Did God Create the Universe?” – Controversial and mind provoking, Stephen Hawking takes on the third rail of academia with a highly charged topic. For centuries religion and science have clashed over the question of explaining the universe.  How was the world created? Can the laws of Nature co-exist equally with a belief in God?  Blending cutting-edge CGI with unparalleled scholarship, Hawking traces the ancient discoveries of Artistocus and Galileo to the scientific breakthroughs of Einstein in arguing that the simple properties of our universe far outweigh the possibility of the invisible hand of God.

Other episodes include “What’s Beneath America?”, “How Will the World End?” and “Alien Invasion: are We Ready?”.

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