DIRECTV Más is launching a new ad campaign featuring Lucero, the popular Latina musician and actress. The campaign, Vamos Por Más, features Lucero in a series of television, print and web ads that will be presented throughout the year.

Lucero, the popular Latina musician and actress, is featured in the new DIRECTV Mas campaign, Vamos  ...

The Vamos Por Más campaign highlights the programming and entertainment experience that sets DIRECTV Más apart from the competition. The campaign showcases some of the benefits that DIRECTV Más offers Hispanics in the U.S., such as news and shows directly from our customers’ home countries and the best in technology.

Lucero is an award-winning actress and singer from Mexico, who began her career as “Lucerito” when she was a young girl. In 2006, Lucero was the first Hispanic to win an Emmy Award. Now, she has spent more than 30 years entertaining audiences around the world through her albums and concerts, as well as her performances in popular telenovelas and films. Lucero recently launched the hit new single, Esta Vez La Primera Soy Yo, from her newest album, Indispensable. To connect with Lucero, fans can visit her website at


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