Leading Latino creators network DiMe Media announced today that it is launching ¡DiMe!, a one-day summit for top Latino and multicultural influencers that will take place on Monday, April 4th as the official kick-off to Hispanicize 2016 Week (April 4-8).

“¡DiMe! is a deliberately intimate, professional development confab that builds on the multitude of sessions and trainings Hispanicize offers digital influencers the rest of the week”

The ¡DiMe! Confab adds an intimate, all-day VIP experience for Latino content creators attending Hispanicize 2016, the first event created as a national convention for Hispanic digital influencers in 2010.

“¡DiMe! is a deliberately intimate, professional development confab that builds on the multitude of sessions and trainings Hispanicize offers digital influencers the rest of the week,” said Piera Jolly, co-CEO of DiMe Media. “Even though Hispanicize offers many intimate experiences for brands to engage influencers, ¡DiMe! stands out because of its day-long, peer-to-peer ONLY focus.”

Structure of ¡DiMe!

¡DiMe! will feature speakers and content for advanced and intermediate Latino and multicultural digital influencers. Some of the nation’s top digital content creators from YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Periscope, Vine, blogging and more as well as inspirational business and personal development pros will speak at ¡DiMe!

The summit will include sessions and hands-on workshops with two simultaneous tracks throughout the day. Breakfast, lunch and post-event cocktail receptions will be among the prized networking opportunities uniting the limited number of attendees that will be capped at 250 and restricted to influencers who have consistently been creating content.

Attendees of ¡DiMe! will receive automatic admission to the rest of Hispanicize 2016 but only sponsors of ¡DiMe! will be allowed to assist the private program.

Inclusiveness is Key

In the spirit of how DiMe Media manages its own network and how Hispanicize itself operates within various industries, ¡DiMe! will not only feature top influencers and speakers from DiMe Media but from other networks as well.

“Since our launch in 2011 we’ve always operated with the philosophy that a rising tide lifts all ships,” said Jolly. “Our inclusive mindset with ¡DiMe! not only applies to other influencer networks but to all content creators from diverse and multicultural backgrounds.”

Sponsorship opportunities

Sponsorship opportunities for ¡DiMe! are available by writing to DiMe@hispanicize.com.

All of the sponsorships come with inclusion in the retreat step n repeat, speaking opportunities and passes to attend the private retreat (only creators and sponsor brands can attend). Customizable components can include content sponsored by your brand, inserts in special goodie bags, and temporary exhibit space.

About DiMe Media
DiMe Media (formerly Latina Mom Bloggers) is a national network of Latina and Latino digital content creators on YouTube, Instagram, Vine, blogs, Facebook and new live-sharing platforms that develop made-to-measure and culturally relevant campaigns that engage today’s multifaceted U.S. Hispanic consumers. In addition to their influencer network, DiMe produces a national one-day confab for content creators within the annual Hispanicize event called ¡DiMe!

DiMe (which translates to “Tell Me”) supports brands in connecting with more than 1,000 carefully vetted Latina and Latino content creators with branded marketing opportunities that produce results-driven programs including brand ambassadorships, branded content development, product reviews, influencer-brand events, Twitter Parties, Facebook chats, online media interviews and other custom-built programs.

The company is part of the corporate umbrella group that includes the annual Hispanicize Event, Hispanicize Wire and the Hispanic PR Blog. DiMe’s client roster includes Fortune 500 brands such as Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Coca-Cola, 3M, Discovery Networks and Disney Studios among others.

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