Texting, Facebook and email taking over from face-to-face communication for Gen Y moms

Moms on FacebookMothers of all ages are ahead of the curve when it comes to internet and digital usage. eMarketer estimates 90.3% of women in the US with children under 18 in the house are online, compared with 76.3% of all adult females. Moms’ penchant for social networking and other social media usage—such as maintaining and reading blogs—is also well known. Research from WhyMomsRule indicates that the youngest moms in particular have now moved more than half of their family communications outside the realm of face-to-face talking.

Gen Y moms polled said they conducted an average of 48% of communication with their immediate family in person. Talking on the phone was second, followed by texting. Taken together, Gen Y moms used email or Facebook for 17% of all immediate-family communications—especially notable considering immediate family was defined as people living in the same household.

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SOURCE eMarketer

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