Did you know that 20% of Americans speak a language other than English in the home? And of these bilingual Americans, the overwhelming majority (62%, or 34.5m, according to the 2007 census) are Spanish-speakers, representing a massive e-commerce consumer market.

Last month, I wrote about how British e-commerce businesses should be taking advantage of targeting non-native English speakers in the UK, especially the Polish community, with specialised foreign  language websites.

There are two major benefits in having translated websites for your non-native English speaking customers in your home country – the first being that people prefer to shop online in their native language, and the second being that you get a better return on your search marketing in languages other than English, due to there being less competition.

This month, I’d like to shift the focus from the UK to the US, where the population that speaks Spanish as its first language wields massive consumer power.

Read the entire article at Econsultancy.

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