DALLAS, TX – Creating a winning marketing campaign requires extensive planning, a unique brand idea and a strong partnership between client and agency.  Based on these pillars, Dieste Inc. and HP developed the HP Insider, an award winning multicultural marketing program. Launched in October of last year, the HP Insider has been recognized so far by the advertising industry with three prestigious awards.

Through a heavy guerilla and geo-targeted digital marketing push, Miami consumers were introduced to the now-famous black silhouette, which represented the space to be filled by the consumer who became the HP Insider. The winner received behind-the-scenes access to a professional basketball team and a full range of the latest HP products to share the unforgettable experience.  To enter, participants submitted a video at the HP Insider website where they made a case for why they should become the first HP Insider.

“A successful campaign has to intercept consumers lives, not interrupt them. Besides, it has to be culturally relevant and at the same time innovative, providing the consumer a memorable experience,” says Alvaro Cabrera, Executive Director of Interception at Dieste.

According to Kathleen Haley, Director of Multicultural Marketing for HP, “It became the perfect platform to further our local marketing approach by offering a unique entertainment experience to one lucky winner.”

Today’s fragmented media landscape is pushing agencies and clients to work together in crafting effective solutions that go beyond traditional media. “Consumers are spending more time online and their mobile devices have become an integrated communication tool from where they connect with friends and share all types of content.  Companies that invest in digital platforms to engage with their consumers will see the pay off,” Alvaro Cabrera concludes.

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