Dieste, Inc., have released their first book, 1+1=3 Changing The Equation With The Booming Hispanic Market.

The book provides a unique view of Hispanic life in the U.S., sharing Dieste’s expertise as an innovator in the field for multicultural marketing. “I couldn’t put 1+1=3 down until I was done, and then whipped off a dozen action items that came directly from it. This is a must-read for anyone addressing the Hispanic market (and virtually any other)!” said Len Schlesinger, Baker Foundation Professor at Harvard Business School.

The book also dedicates several chapters to myth busting, highlighting that much of what some believe about U.S. Hispanic culture just isn’t so. Many American businesses get caught up in these misconceptions, which may lead to costly mistakes. Chapters provide ideas and advice on how to unlock the potential of the Hispanic market and avoid landmines.

“Amidst a world of danger and concern, there is one irrefutable trend that should give Americans confidence and hope – the emergence of promising and young multicultural majority in America. Dieste has accurately captured the economic, cultural and brainpower trends, which suggest America’s best days are ahead of us,” said Henry Cisneros, founder and Chairman of Cityview.

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