Dieste announced today a series of senior-level hires that, according to the agency CEO Greg Knipp, will enable Dieste’s clients to achieve superior business results and greater brand affinity.

“Over the past eight months we’ve been recruiting executive level professionals with a very particular set of abilities and skills, from marketing strategy to digital, social and mobile platform development, skills needed to attend to the new demands of today’s marketing communication landscape,” says Greg Knipp.

These new hires will be a part of a reorganized agency structure with data, digital, social and mobile at its core. “We believe that digital (mobile and social) must be a competency, not a department. The talent that we are bringing on board is part of an overall program to create a more ‘data & digitally-native’ agency team,” according to Tony Dieste, Agency Chairman.

Among the twelve new hires are Francisco (Pancho) Cardenas, former Executive Creative Director at Lead2Action in Mexico and Hugo (Pachi) Tamer, former Vidal creative and social media expert recognized as one of the Top 5 Instagramers Around the World Worth Following(http://www.dailydot.com/culture/5-instagramers-worth-following-philippe-gonzales ). Dieste will also be adding the contributions of Monica Sanchez, former P&G Mexico marketer, with large expertise in planning and Guillermo Tragant, Buenos Aires-based CEO of Furia, to enhance the agency’s marketing strategy and communication platform development.

This is just the latest in a series of significant hires made by Knipp since being named Dieste CEO in October 2010. In 2011, Knipp hired industry-leading marketing communication executives such as Paco Olavarrieta and Jim “Wegs” Wegerbauer, while earlier this year coaxing Tony Dieste from the tech private equity world to rejoin the agency he founded.

The agency has had a strong run of new business wins in 2012, working with six new brands. This agency reorganization will also expand the roles of Olavarieta and Wegerbauer. Olavarrieta, Chief Content Curator in Dieste’s growing NY office, will be guiding communication platform development for a several number of clients. Wegerbauer will now assume the role of Chief Idea Officer. “In the past year, we have transformed the role of planning in the agency. Wegs’ new title reflects the reality that we have moved from creating ads and campaigns to developing idea-centric platforms that bring greater utility to our clients’ consumers, thus driving greater brand affinity and revenue growth,” noted Aldo Quevedo, agency President and Chief Creative Officer.

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