Hispanic PR AgencyDIÁLOGO was selected as the public relations agency of record by Train! to increase the training company’s brand recognition and develop new business in the United States.  Work provided by DIÁLOGO will include event planning and conference industry education on the benefits of the Train! brand with organizations that depend on Spanish-language stakeholders.

Following an agency review, the Mexico City-based firm, determined that DIÁLOGO could best generate awareness and expand its customer base in the U.S.  As experts in negotiation and performance skills development, Train! delivers high-impact Spanish-language training at conferences and workshops in the U.S. and Mexico.

DIÁLOGO conducted an analysis to define the unique value proposition Train! offers and used this information to develop the public relations plan.  The Hispanic PR firm is working with Train! to launch a public relations campaign to reach specific Latino-focused businesses and education industry markets throughout California.

“Train! has tremendous growth potential,” said Richie Matthews, Director of DIÁLOGO.  “The timing is right to take Train! to the next level by increasing its brand recognition in the U.S. with medium and large size organizations that depend on Spanish-speaking professionals.

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