NORWALK, CT – As part of a Hispanic CSR program Diageo presented eighteen local students with $60,000 in scholarships at an event in Chicago last night.  The inaugural awards reception kicked off the “Celebrate the Future” scholarship program, which awards Chicago-area students over 21 who are planning to begin a career in the service or hospitality industry, with a focus on supporting students of Hispanic background.

In an effort to present opportunities to community members seeking to enter the service and hospitality industry, Diageo founded the “Celebrate the Future” scholarship program in March of this year.  The launch was followed by an overwhelming response by applicants looking to fulfill their dreams to become a professional in the hospitality industry, which led Diageo to add two further scholarship awards to the program. Diageo partnered with local Latino lifestyle magazine Cafe Media to promote the competition.

“Diageo always encourages its employees to be the best, and we understand that education is the premier foundation for success,” said Luis Rosado, Marketing Manager, Diageo North America.  “Creating this scholarship program with Cafe Media as partners has allowed us to promote this concept over numerous platforms, while also underscoring our commitment to diversity.”

The eighteen “Celebrate the Future” scholarships were awarded in two categories, with $40,000 going to higher education scholarships and $20,000 to vocational scholarships. The inaugural group of scholarship recipients includes:

  —  Ivette Aguirre
  —  Delfino Carbajal
  —  Ana Padilla
  —  Mariela Marcellez
  —  Tania Merlos Ruiz
  —  Edson Miranda
  —  Hector Salinas
  —  Jonatan Romero
  —  Bartolo Zamora
  —  Eduardo Macias
  —  Gerardo Dorado
  —  Janette Matos
  —  Ronald Chavez
  —  Jonathan Exclusa
  —  Pearl Gonzalez
  —  Florencia Nava
  —  Maximiliano Acuna
  —  Rocio Herrera

Presenters at the inaugural awards reception included representatives from Diageo and Wirtz Beverage Group of Illinois; Moreno’s Liquors owner, Mike Moreno; and Mi Tierra owner, Nancy Nunez.  Plans for “Celebrate the Future” 2010 awards are currently underway.  For more information on the program, please .

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