In the vast landscape of Gen Z research, you’ll notice a conspicuous gap when it comes to insights about the Hispanic Gen Z cohort, often referred to as “Latinx Zoomers.”

Type in “Hispanic Gen Z research” or “Latinx Zoomer study” into Google and you’ll be hard-pressed to find comprehensive research on this critical sub-segment. Most of the available articles reference three-year-old general market Gen Z data from the Pew Research Center, slightly more recent Hispanic Zoomer insights from GWI USA and ThinkNow Research, as well as two breakthrough studies released this year:

  • A June study from Chemistry Cultura which — though immensely valuable — was not solely focused on Gen Z;
  • And one this week from the Hispanic dating app Chispa, which was not focused on Gen Z per sé, but on Hispanic college students.

Since a whopping 25 percent of Gen Z are Hispanic, it’s safe to say that any marketer targeting Zoomers – those born between 1997 and 2012 – is by definition engaging in Hispanic and multicultural marketing.

Granted, it’s likely a challenge for market researchers to survey the younger end of the Zoomer spectrum, as they are still in the tender ages of 10 or 11. The coming-of-age, adult end of the Hispanic Gen Z cohort should be much easier to survey. There’s also a subset known as “GenZennials,” comprised of people born between 1992 and 2000 — the youngest edge of Millenials and the oldest edge of Gen Z — who should be easy to access.

Until more comprehensive Hispanic Zoomer studies emerge, Hispanic marketers can – and should – attend webinars that focus on targeting Gen Zs in general.

On the cusp of Hispanic Heritage Month, the following webinar should provide some valuable insights to elevate your strategy: Exploring Gen Z Engagement: Unveiling New Consumer Rules.” 

Hosted by Matter Communications, a Brand Elevation Agency integrating PR, marketing, and creative services, the free, live webinar takes place on Sept. 7th at 12 PM EST and promises to delve deep into Gen Z’s unique preferences and characteristics. The webinar is designed to provide tips and help PR, social media and marketing professionals adapt campaigns to connect brands with Gen Z consumers.

Here are some insights the webinar will explore:

  • Gen Z is the largest, most racially and ethnically diverse generation
  • Zoomer spending power is an unprecedented $360 Billion
  • Gen Z cannot be defined by a singular trait, yet they share several behaviors when it comes to media consumption

“There’s so much research on #GenZ out there, but making sense of it is not always as obvious as it seems,” wrote co-presenter Matt Mendolera-Schamann, EVP, Leader of Diversity + Inclusion and the Boston lead at Matter Communications, on his LinkedIn page. “What we’ve learned in recent years is that some of the old rules of reaching wide consumer audiences don’t apply to the brands who are prioritizing reaching younger customers – and there are nuances that inform how to craft the right plans that maximize the potential power of #PR, #socialmedia and #marketing to appeal to this generation with an integrated, strategic program that drives results.”

Mendolera-Schamann, who will co-present the webinar with his colleague, Katie Young, added that Matter Communications is “hearing more and more from our own clients, as well as other forward-thinking brands who come to us, that one of their biggest challenges is capturing the hearts, minds, and wallets of Gen Z consumers.”

To attend the 30-minute webinar, taking place Thursday, Sept. 7th, from 12 PM to 12:30 PM, register here.

To receive the 2023 Chemistry Cultura study, titled The Latino Mosaic, and conducted in partnership with the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC), send an email to

To view the key findings from Chispa’s 2nd Annual Latine in College research study, conducted in collaboration with Dr. Jake Beniflah, Executive Director of The Center for Multicultural Science, click here

Lastly, if you, your agency, or your research firm is aware of, sitting on, or about to publish any comprehensive research on Hispanic Gen Z, please alert us in the comments below.

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