d expósito & Partners, LLC announced that Melvin Wilson has been appointed to the position of Director of Digital Innovation. The announcement was made by Gloria Constanza, Partner & Chief Contact Officer. Mr. Wilson will work in an integrated fashion across all departments at the Agency.

“Melvin shares our view of digital not as a fashionable commodity but as a uniquely revolutionary and relevant tool of consumer engagement,” said Gloria Constanza. “He sees digital not as an innovation tool in the province of forward-thinking advertising but as the superior catalyst of attitude and behavior now, a tool that’s evolving like no other, “added Ms. Constanza.

Melvin Wilson managed and directed Interactive Strategy and Media for UniWorld servicing clients that included Colgate-Palmolive, The Home Depot, Ford Motor Company, Burger King, M&M Mars, CVS, and MCNY. Previous to that, he was Managing Partner at C3 Group. While there, Melvin helped build the highest-performing digital and social media campaigns in the history of the agency.

His career includes senior account posts at Draft FCB, where he worked on Bank of America, AARP, UHG, CA and Verizon; as well as a self-procured stint on the client side at HSBC pursuing a discipline-bending desire of his in the area of Analytics.

“From his post, Melvin will help us oversee all Digital Innovation, Social Media, Mobility, Content Integration and Product Development,” said Don Davis, newly-named Director of Media Services at the Agency. “He will also help Gloria and me in the 360° strategy of d expósito & Partners to use digital as a change agent in order to provide clients with unique integrated solutions. This alignment within our total communication solutions will help us leapfrog into this ever-changing future on behalf of our client partners,” added Mr. Davis.

“d expósito & Partners is creatively poised to reach this consumer who is highly-discerning, more self-empowered and daring. Today’s consumer, as a result of digital, is adept to quickly changing habits, thanks to empowering software behaviors at hand,” explained Melvin Wilson. “Our mission is to facilitate action, advocacy and innovation for our clients in their relation with consumers through the fast-paced, universal language of digital,” Mr. Wilson added.

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