culturewavesCultureWaves, a global consumer-insights company, offers a fresh approach to multicultural market research by providing consumer insights based on real underlying human emotion—the why, not the what—of a trend. With a constant feed of content being researched and uploaded 24 hours a day from around the world, the unique software system utilizes “cloud” methodology and varied worldwide feeders to capture this life evidence.

Thirty-three behavioral shifts are tracked and monitored all day, every day, allowing CultureWaves to connect consumer trends with innovative ideas faster than any other insight options available. This merge of information and insight is a powerful tool to help you develop on-trend business strategies and innovation platforms.

While the business world has been shaken by the down economy, the analysts at CultureWaves understand the pressures of trying to sell in a time when brand loyalty lasts paycheck to paycheck and consumers are fiscally conservative. But it’s exactly during these times that marketers can’t afford to fall behind. CultureWaves can help businesses understand customers on a deeper, more emotional level—not solely based on statistics and research.

Subscriptions to CultureWaves include access to real-time observations discovered by the global network of CultureWaves farmers throughout the world. This real-time access, combined with published CultureWaves perspectives, offers business leaders a look at the complete process of how a trend can appear, become relevant, and move into mainstream culture. “If you need to know what’s important for tomorrow’s consumers today, you’ve got to get onboard with how they act today,” says Duncan.

CultureWaves announces special discount pricing again this year for those subscribing to the company’s Cultural Magazine and insights package for $5,000. For that price, subscribers receive the quarterly CultureWaves magazine, weekly and monthly perspectives delivered via e-mail, and access to the evidence database that powers CultureWaves products. As an added bonus, each subscriber will also be invited to a free custom one-hour webinar focusing on a category or demographic of their choice. To take advantage of this special pricing, contact CultureWaves at

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