As part of its ongoing “ORIGINATE CHANGE” mantra, Bromley will launch its first mobile application (“App”) today. The “Culture Connect” app recognizes transcultural people, places and nonprofit organizations across the United States that are making an impact by bridging multicultural communities in a variety of industries. Bromley has been promoting the significant demographic shifts in the country, as indicated by the 2010 Census.

“It’s a multicultural world, and Bromley recommends that everyone embrace that, including advertisers,” said Jessica Pantanini, Chief Operations Officer. “We have and are creating more transcultural tools for our clients. The ‘Culture Connect’ app was created for everyone to share their transcultural favorites and learn about new ones.”

“Culture Connect” allows users to identify fellow trendsetters and change agents in cities across the U.S. Currently, the app features 30 “change originators” in the cities of Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami, Philadelphia, San Antonio and Washington. Ten global personalities were included to encourage app users to add more “change originators.”

“Culture Connect” is free and available on iTunes for iOS mobile devices.

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