Cultural Outreach Solutions, along with National MI, and other sponsors are launching The Millennial RE Connect event on April 20, 2016. This event includes market segment education, technology tools, and networking for top housing realtors, mortgage lenders, and technologists.

“There is a deep cultural disconnect between most housing professionals and their consumers,” says Kristin Messerli, founder of Cultural Outreach Solutions and event host. “Our mission with these events is to arm professionals with the knowledge about the Millennial market segment, access to the best resources and digital tools, and deepen networking relationships.”

MetroTex Association of Realtors and the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) will be participating in the event, promoting the importance of the education to their stakeholders. Peter Urrutia, MetroTex lobbyist says “We know we need to improve our education and outreach to Millennials and diverse segments, and we’re looking forward to sponsoring a solution to this problem.”

Director of Product Development for National MI, Jim Pippin, says “Many people don’t realize what a significant barrier often exists between professionals in the industry and the Millennial consumers.” He says, “We want to be a resource to connect them with the knowledge and tools that will make them successful in today’s marketplace.”

According to the National Association of Realtors, Millennials accounted for one in three home purchases last year and their presence is expected to increase in 2016. Professionals are looking for ways to create a competitive edge to win in an increasingly crowded marketplace.

Gene O’Bryan, CEO of Solution Lending, a newly formed lender focused on creating product solutions to reach Millennials and other underserved markets, says “Today’s banks have still not met the needs of millions of quality homebuyers locked out of homeownership. Independent mortgage lenders can fill the void by offering creative, responsible programs that drive sustainable, long-term homeownership.”

Brandivation, the event’s premier technology sponsor, assists realtors with updating their brand presence online without incurring today’s typical costs. Brandivation’s Vice President of Realtor Sales, Jim Pesavento, says, “Our technology helps prospect and qualify clients to increase service levels, transparency, and sales volumes. We’re excited to be part of this solution.”

Board advisor for the event, Paul Imura, says, “Our vision is to have a series of realtor events that will drive a national solution through regional collaboration with key industry leaders. We are confident our Dallas event will serve as a good model to drive homeownership growth in many more markets.”

To learn about additional tools that will be provided and register for the event, visit or text “reconnect” to 555-888.

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