Olympusat, one of the market leaders in the development and distribution of independent Spanish-language, faith and family network television programming, is introducing CubaPlay Televisión, a new network featuring 100% Cuban-produced television programming to service providers in the U.S.. The latest addition to Olympusat’s Hispanic TV network offering, CubaPlay Televisión will feature carefully-selected content, free of any political affiliation or ideological influence from the Cuban government.

“By introducing CubaPlay televisión, we are expanding our unique programming for Hispanic viewers in the U.S. and reinforcing the diversity of the American Latino audience, both culturally and geographically,” said Tom Mohler, President at Olympusat.

CubaPlay Televisión’s programming is entirely original, never seen before in the U.S. and shown on all six Cuban broadcast stations. The network’s programming genres include sports, movies, documentaries, children´s programming, telenovelas and comedy. CubaPlay Televisión will feature live and simultaneous programming in the U.S. and Cuba- such as same-day film premieres, sports and music shows.

“This new channel represents a milestone for American television, reintroducing Cuban programming after 52 years of absence in our country, and we are proud to be the ones to break this barrier,” said Albert Hammond, Director of operations of CubaPlay TV.

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