Here’s a Four-Point Sniff Test to Approaching the Concept Correctly

The demographics of the country have changed irrevocably. No longer is the concept of a vast, white, homogeneous culture, and several siloed multicultural ones, a given. More and more, minorities are principle creators of this country’s central story. This is obvious to everybody — except xenophobes and ad agencies.

Most advertising pros won’t dispute the influence of multicultural folks, but in the face of cultural change, agencies — multicultural and general-market alike — seem to be caught like a deer in headlights.

Not only are the halls of many general-market shops eerily lacking in the colors that fill the surrounding neighborhoods, but what they call “diversity” amounts to counting the number of brown and black faces in their ads to ensure the minimal threshold has been met to avoid criticism.
And that’s where a cross-cultural approach comes in. Or rather, where it could come in … if done correctly.

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