New Spanish-language Channel on Sirius XM targeting US Latinos Will Hit the Airwaves in the Fall

National Latino Broadcasting, LLC. (NLB) announced that it has signed talk show icon Cristina Saralegui to an exclusive contract, and plans to launch the Cristina Channel in the fall as part of their multi-channel deal with Sirius XM Radio. Saralegui’s distinguished career and entrepreneurial initiatives have made her a household name among US Hispanics, and her show, “Cristina,” still remains the most successful Spanish-language talk show in television history. This new phase in Saralegui’s career marks her satellite radio debut.

In April, NLB was selected by SiriusXM to lease two channels on a long-term basis – of which the Cristina Channel is the first one to be announced – to air on each of the Sirius and XM satellite radio platforms. The media entity will specialize in providing programming that targets the Latino market.

The Cristina Channel will offer listeners a wide array of 24/7 programming on a variety of subjects that include news, entertainment, health and beauty, home improvement, family and relationship guidance, travel, political issues and self-empowerment. While the channel will cater to the ever-growing Latino market in general, it will speak directly to multi-generational Latinas across America. Its unique platform of relevant and relatable talk radio will offer SiriusXM listeners inspiration and information daily, fulfilling a niche which has remained untapped in satellite radio up to now.

In addition to infusing her unique style to the overall channel, Saralegui will air a weekly talk show, and specials on pertinent subjects.

In the upcoming weeks, NLB will announce the diverse and lively programming line-up for the Cristina Channel as well as its other channel.

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