CredAbility has launched its 2012 “Reconstruye tu Futuro” campaign, handled by Atlanta-based Hispanic marketing, PR and events firm Lanza Group, LLC .Guided by their mission and commitment to serve Hispanics nationwide, CredAbility’s campaign will leverage grassroots efforts, social media networks as well as traditional media communication to reach the Hispanic community.

With more than 50 million Hispanics in the United States and a downturn economy, Latino individuals and families have been more deeply impacted than other minority populations. Despite the current financial climate, there is still hope. By leveraging key financial tools from CredAbility, a national non-profit, Latino individuals and families and communities can begin to lay a solid foundation and recapture their American dream.

“When reports show that 1 million Latinos have already lost their homes or are in danger of losing their homes, it is our responsibility to ensure that we reach this community in need,” said CredAbility President and Chief Executive Office, Phil Baldwin, whose agency counseled nearly 73,000 Hispanics in 2010 alone.  “Because we offer a bilingual website and bilingual counselors available 24/7, we can serve those looking for financial experts who can speak the same language and can empathize with their experiences.”

CredAbility’s national initiative aims to build bridges to create connections utilizing such vehicles as a new Spanish-language CredAbility Facebook Page to foster dialogue, implementation of culturally relevant educational events, and the development of online education courses, live chats and podcasts in Spanish.

Marisa Salcines, CredAbility Director of Hispanic External Affairs, added, “Our 2012 focus will be to assist those in financial crisis help renew and rebuild their financial dreams, cultivate savvy Hispanic consumers, and educate today’s youth who will be instrumental in the stability of this country’s future.”

CredAbility offers free individualized advice and financial education to consumers; helping consumers to develop and balance budgets, manage money, use credit wisely, handle debt and build savings plans. In the last four years alone, the agency has helped over 1.4 million individuals facing such financial crises as bankruptcy, foreclosure and mounting credit card debt. Of these, more than 250,000 were Hispanics located all over the country.


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